<June 2017>

All applicants are assessed before entry to  St. Fatima. These assessments are conducted by the appropriate teaching staff. A successful application is dependent upon applicants showing sufficiently developed English language acquisition to cope with the rigors of learning in a second language environment.
Just enough students are admitted to be able to give individual attention to all. The students are pleased to learn through enquiry, research, presentation and application in their respective subjects. What stands out here in St. Fatima School is its overall utilization of children helping them work on their talents and abilities instead of meet acquisition theory supported knowledge in academics.
Our admission process is a well defined process that needs to be followed precisely to ensure that there are no legal or academic problems and every future communication between home and school is made easily.
To register your son/daughter, you will be requested to fill in an Application Form, which is then stored on our computer software system to be used throughout the years. Afterwards, a date of an “Entrance Test” will be set for assessment. This test/assessment has got to be passed by the student in order to be accepted at School. Subsequent to the assessment test, an interview with the Principal will be appointed. The interview must be arranged in a separate day in the case of candidates applying for the lower secondary and the secondary stages. The student should attend the interview with both parents.
Whether the student is accepted or not depends on both the exam's result and the interview's result.
After the acceptance, the next step is to bring the student’s file to the school. The contents of the file are to be revised with the Students Affairs Office. The School Fees are then paid according to a certain schedule available at the School's cashier.
We welcome applications from students of all nationalities who can contribute effectively to our multicultural society. We highly value and respect your time and effort , so St. Fatima offers you many means to apply for admission.
You may apply through the Admission Department located at St. Fatima School.
You can also print and fill the application form at home where you can download all required forms from the website.
You can apply online where you will fill the forms online any where any time. All forms data are required to be completed in full for an application to be processed. You will be provided with an Admission Number that will be used to complete the admission process in school.
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