<June 2017>

St. Fatima School welcomes applicants of different backgrounds and nationalities who can contribute effectively to our multicultural society. Through a highly qualified academic staff, we run a very selective admission process to guarantee a strong academic level and adequate number of students. We offer our students an enjoyable learning experience through researches, quizzes, presentations and concrete practices. What stands out here at St. Fatima School is its overall utilization of various skills, helping students enhance their talents and abilities instead of just memorizing subjects to pass an academic year.

All applicants need to sit for an exam to assess their English language knowledge. We run different exams according to admission type and year. Once scores are available, applicants with appropriate scores will be called for a family interview; where the Head of the related department meets the student and their parents. A successful applicant is able to show a progressive level of English and desirable conduct.

Selected applicants will be informed of their application status within a timely manner to visit the Admission Office with the below requirements to finalize their application form, submit their documents and pay the down payment. Then visit the Students Affairs Office to receive up to date information on required certificates and legalization to complete the admission file.

Requirements from Selected Applicants:

♦ Fill the online application form to receive a registration number. 
♦ Print and fill the below Medical and Transportation forms. 
♦ Prepare the following documents :  
    1. An electronic original birth certificate
    2. 8 recent photos
    3. Copies of parents IDs
    4. Previous year report

Interested to join St. Fatima community, contact the Admission Office on admission@stfatimaschool.com or 010-0759-1555 from 8:00 am to 2:00pm daily except Friday and Sunday to schedule an appointment.

Admission Office Working Hours:

Monday to Saturday: From 9:00am to 12:30pm
Days Off: Friday & Sunday
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