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Accredited in accordance with the provisions stipulated in the protocol signed by the Egyptian Ministry of Education, the British Council, the U.C.L.E.S. and Edexcel, the I.G.C.S.E Department at St. Fatima School, Nasr City, was established in 1991, and thus was one of the first centres in Egypt to offer the courses leading up to the above-mentioned Certificate.
St. Fatima British Division has been awarded the Cambridge Beacon Award for three consecutive years (2002, 2003, and 2004). In 2005, St. Fatima became a Cambridge Fellowship Centre. The Award was made in recognition of the commitment of the School to ensuring that its students receive the very highest standard of education “I thank them for their continuing support and commitment as we continue to raise standards at private schools in Egypt following CIE syllabi and assessments. I am assured that their success will inspire others to be considered for a future Cambridge Beacon School Award.” Quoted comment by Mr. Paul Lewis, CIE’s Ex-Director for the Middle East and North Africa.
The School has also been chosen by the British Council, as the main I.G.C.S.E. exams venue in Egypt, since 2001. Theoretical, practical and listening exams are all held at the School.
In 2009, St. Fatima School received a special award presented by CIE and the British Council for being the first School to have started the I.G.C.S.E. program in Egypt.
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