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Welcome to St. Fatima British School

Welcome to St. Fatima School- Nasr City official Website. You are invited to browse our site to learn all about our institution, the programs we offer, the premises, the teachers and the multiple opportunities our students have to achieve academic success.
Our School has addressed what it sees as gaps in traditional educational systems that have arisen from an over reliance on routine based learning and memorizing to the detriment of knowledge application, analysis and evaluation. Our school offers highly praised national and international educational systems that develop young students into liberal intellectual minds ready for the rigours higher education and un-bounded career choice.
The school provides your children the best facilities with the most advanced learning systems and teaching methodologies, thus allowing them to pursue their academic advancement at a brisk pace, sure-footed and self-confident.
We are equally concerned with the social development and well-being of the children along with the children’s education. Hence, we provide friendly and amicable atmosphere where students blossom into boys and girls with personality, character and a true thirst for learning.

Our aim is to ensure that your expectations are always met. We thank you for your trust.
  Arabic Ministry Schedules for Final Exams 2014/2015
  Primary End of 2nd Term Exams
  MIU Scholarship 2014
  CIE High Achievers Awards 2014
  Edexcel Highest Achievers Award 2014
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