St. Fatima School- Nasr City was established by the late Mr. Said Younan in 1982. Over the last three decades, it gained a significant reputation for providing high standards of educational services. The school’s code values the utilization of concepts, skills, knowledge, self-enquiry and initiative. This is to achieve academic excellence for each student developing their abilities, skills, and knowledge. We aim to give our students the best possible linguistic, academic, cultural, social and sporting preparation for their future educational career. St. Fatima School offers multiple educational systems to satisfy every student’s inclination. Our students have the opportunity to choose one of the following systems:
The National Curriculum
The curriculum is administered and supervised by the Ministry Of Education, which is the liable governmental institute for education in Egypt. This is under the supervision of the current minister Dr. Tarek Shawky.
The British Curriculum
The British curriculum is administered by Cambridge University, which is, located in Cambridge, England, and is the fourth oldest university in the world. The University grew out of an association of scholars in the city of Cambridge that was formed, early records suggest, in 1209 by scholars leaving Oxford.
The American Curriculum
The curriculum is supervised by the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (AdvancED). It is the most rapidly growing accrediting agency in the world. It was created in 1994 by the regional accrediting organizations in the United States. As a global leader in accreditation, AdvancED provides systems of accreditation around the world.